In 1979 WKLO called and asked me to come back to Louisville and take my old job back at WKLO doing morning drive.  Before I could make the move, I got a call from WFBC in Greenville, South Carolina asking if I would be interested in coming to work there. Since WFBC was owned by Multimedia, the parent company of WKLO's big rival WAKY in Louisville, they figured they could keep me away from competiting with them in Louisville and get me to come to South Carolina which I did. Although I normally did afternoons at WFBC, here's an aircheck of me on morning drive with "Old Uncle Owen" from the WOMI days who is now known as "Otis".

    WFBC Morning drive 1979
Here i am in the WFBC control room in my staff picture from 1978. Am I not cool with my plaid sport coat and open collar? Where did I leave my gold chains? That's OK- I can still play some Bee Gees and KC and the Sunshine Band! This year I spent at WFBC was the last time I did pop music. After that it was all country until today (2009).

 I had worked in Knoxville Tennessee in 1968 and mas amazed at the excitement over University of Tennessee "Big Orange" Football BUT I hadn't seen NOTHIN' yet compared to Clemson Tiger big orange football!! Clemson University is just a few miles from Greenville and WFBC  was the feed station for Clemson University sports with our play-by-play man Jim Phillips. 

1978 was a great year for Clemson football with the Tigers going to the Gator Bowl led by quaterback Steve Fuller and beating Ohio State 17-15. You might remember that game  where Buckeye's coach Woody Hayes slugged a Clemson player as he ran out of bounds into the Ohio State bench and Hayes lost his job in the process. Watch that unfortunate episode

This place was so crazy about Clemson football that when coach Charlie Pell announced he was leaving to take the job at Florida, someone shot at his house.

Some people were known to paint their houses orange and auto dealerships carried bright orange colors in cars and trucks. Of course the big rivalry was Clemson vs. South Carolina.
It was common to see bumper stickers with nothing on them but the score of the most recent Clemson-SC game. This was one of the great rivalries of College football and still is. An album of highlights of the great season on 1978 was released called "Saturday Afternoon Fever".

Here's a newspaper ad WFBC took out to promote my arrival. Evidently this was important because another jock in Greenville had used my name "Bill Love" and we wanted to make sure I was not confused with him.

listen to an air check of me and Joy Moore with "Love & Joy in the morning" on 96.5 WDOD-FM.
It's labor day weekend 1992

I had been Program Director and morning man on WBKR in Owensboro for 10 years when I got a call from WDOD in Chattanooga with a job offer for the same position. This was quite a move from Owensboro to a top 100 market at a 100,000 watt powerhouse. It was one of those "offers you can't refuse" and I took it. We were up against a country lengend however in US101 (WUSY). their morning man, John Anthony, had been hired from WDOD to come to US101 a few years earlier and had never been replaced. We made a little headway against US101 and I managed tp be listed as the Billboard magazine "PD of the week" when we more than doubled our rating from 3.3 share to 8.2. This was well behind US101's share at 18.0 but still respectable. That didn't last long however. WUSY brought out all the big guns and LOTS of money and even though their morning Icon Big John Anthony had an unfortunate heart attack and died on his way home from work, US 101 rebounded. We had absolutly NO promotion budget and everything we gave away on the air and all publicity we arranged had to be created by us with NO cash such as this visit backstage with a young Garth Brooks in 1991
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