•  My First radio station-WSIP Paintsville, Kentucky

The year is 1959 and I'm a Junior in High School at my first job ever - at a 1000 watt station in my home town. Note the old "maggie" recorder over my left shoulder and the big turntable for spinning 45 rpm records. I was very lucky to be raised in this great town with a radio station to get my career started.   CDs were still about 25 years in the future and even cassettes  were 15 years away. The staff at the station were nice enough to let me hang around .  Bob Meek, Gene Baldridge, Dave Silvert, Paul Fyffe, Bill Barker and the gang ran a VERY GOOD station and it was a pleasure to watch and learn from them. Finally the manager,Paul, got tired of seeing me all the time and put me to work. I didn't know it at the time but this was the beginning of over 50 years in broadcasting for me. If you'd like to hear some air checks of places I've worked and see various momentos, just click on the pages above and  travel with me up and down the eastern US with 20 years of Rock n' roll and 30 years of country.

 You can email Bill at bill@bigbilllove.com
Here's my staff  picture from WSIP in 1962. I continued to work there in High School and in Summers from college where I did the afternoon show "Teen Canteen" .
Here I am today (2009)  on 99.5 WKDQ in Evansville, Indiana where I've  been  for over 17 years. I also do the "Saturday Morning Oldies" on our pop gold station WJLT. You can hear that 6-10AM CST at: www.superhits1053.com 
Listen to a telescoped air check here:
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